Hurst Real Estate Investor Rewards Program

You’re no stranger to rewards programs.  Airlines, hotels, restaurants – even your favorite pet store offers them, but your real estate investment lender?  At Hurst Lending, we say yes!

Retail freebies are one thing, but a rewards program that improves your investment strategy or personal property plan takes loyalty to a new level.  We developed the free Hurst Rewards Program for our Real Estate Investment clients to offer the expertise and tools they need to invest in real estate. Just use us to help you get a loan for your home, investment property, or even your vacation property, and we’ll provide a spectrum of services to make it easier and more cost effective to invest in real estate.

Hurst Rewards Program – For Real Estate Investors*

  • Reduced or eliminated “friction costs”* with investment property purchases, sales, and lease listings
  • Reduced Fees on Title/Closing Services
  • Rebates on Realtor Commissions
  • Free, personalized advice on what type of properties to purchase
  • Free MLS Lease Listings and Lease Forms plus 2 free Credit Reports for your Potential Tenants per year
  • Get your own Realtor License with advice & sponsorship from one of our Realtor Brokers (so you can keep the full 3% commission minus a small per-deal transaction fee)
  • Sponsorship for those who want to become a loan officer
*When you purchase an investment property, your realtor will generally make a 3% commission, the mortgage company will make 1.5%, the title company will make approximately 1%, and the property management company will make 30% of the first month’s rent plus a monthly fee for managing your property. These costs usually create friction for real estate investors.

The Hurst Rewards Program is available to clients currently seeking mortgage or insurance services from us or who have done so in the past 5 years. Some services are location specific or have maximum limits.

With this program, you get a turn key solution to help you get started investing in real estate in a way that cuts out many of the friction costs.  Contact us to get started.

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