Low Down Payment Investor Loan Program

Low Down Payment Rental Buyer

Low Down Payment Investor Loans – 15% Down Payment, Low Rates, and No PMI

Hurst Lending was founded by real estate investors. That’s why we are always looking for new and better ways for residential real estate investors to manage and finance a real estate portfolio.

Historically, investors have been required to put 25-30% down to get the best interest rates on investment property loans. Obviously, this ties up your capital and makes it more difficult to build a robust real estate portfolio. Hurst Lending developed the Low Down Payment Investor Loan Program and introduced Investment Property Loans for LLC to help residential real estate investors purchase rental properties with just a 15% down payment, while still getting a competitive conventional interest rate. With this unique program you can:

  • Buy investor rental properties with just a 15% down payment
  • Get an investment property loan with No PMI
  • Get low conventional property interest rates normally reserved for buyers who put down 25-30%
  • Fixed Rates Loan for up to 30 Years
  • Avoid tying up unnecessary capital
  • Build your real estate portfolio faster

How does the Low Down Payment Investor Loan work?

With our Low Down Payment Investor Loan Program you simply make a 15% down payment on your purchase and we offer you a standard 30- or 15-year fixed conventional loan for 75% of the purchase price and a second loan for 10% of the purchase price. Because the first lien is based on a 75% LTV, you qualify for the low-rate conventional loan.

This is an ideal loan program for real estate investors who are looking to buy and hold their property and want to lock in a low interest rate.

Please note: This is a proprietary loan program that is exclusively offered by Hurst Lending.

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