No Seasoning Investor Cash Flow Program

We offer a simple solution that allows you to get cash out of your renovated investment properties at their improved value, right away.  The process is simple:

  1. You purchase the house – with cash, hard money, or another type of loan.
  2. Make the necessary repairs and upgrades to the home.
  3. Use the stepped up, improved home value for cash out immediately.

It’s easy to access your equity with NO SEASONING…

  • NO Waiting Period

  • NO Employment Verification

  • NO Income Verification

  • NO Debt-to-Income Calculated

  • NO Tax Returns Required

We use the market rents on the appraisal to determine cash flow on vacant properties.

Our “no seasoning” loan product was developed in response to the real estate investment experience of one of our founders, Scott Bialek.  Read his blog post about how the no seasoning investor loan came to be.

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Investor Cash Flow Program Limits

Rate/Term Refi

Credit Score


620 - 67975%

Cash Out

Credit Score


680 +75%
620 - 67970%

No Seasoning Refinance FAQ’s

What is the seasoning period for our hurst lending investor cash out loan program?

Our investment property cash-out refinance loans has no seasoning period. A real estate investor can purchase an investment property, fix it up, and immediately pull out your cash using the new appraised value with no seasoning period. 

What is the Seasoning Period for Conventional Cash out Refinance Loans?

The seasoning period of conventional cash-out refinance loans is 6 months.

What is the seasoning period for most portfolio investor Loans?

The seasoning period of conventional cash-out refinance loans is 1 year.